Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y S5630

Did you ever wish for Android 4.3 Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y ? Then today I am here to fulfill that. No I’m not joking, though Samsung officially haven’t released any Android 4.3 update for it’s Galaxy Y – neither it’s going to release any in future, but that can’t limit us from enjoying the Jelly Bean 4.3 experience. Thanks to XDA developer nsnikhil, who gifted the 4.3 update to S5630 user in the form on CyanoCream V3 custom ROM. So let’s discus it’s features, screenshot and installation process in detail.

CyanoCream is a CyanogenMOD based custom Rom for Galaxy y, which itself based on Android 4.3. I don’t think I need to say any words on CyanogenMOD, because everyone knows what it is. Almost all the Samsung Android device got CM port, Galaxy Y also got it CynogenMOD port but unstable one. So nsnikhil took that CM as a base and created this CyanoCream Jelly Bean Custom ROM.


There are lots of ROM’s available for Galaxy Y S5630, but the reason I posted this ROM is because of its unique theme / look. So far the best custom Rom available for Samsung Galaxy Y is CyanoCream, not only because of its unique theme but also off it Performance, smoothness, stability. One more reason of posting this ROM is because the original thread have been deleted from XDA, so If I won’t post it, no one will able to use this cool ROM.

Jelly Bean Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y - Features

  • Android 4.3 Calender with Agenda options too.
  • Cool Transparent Android 4.3 Memo.
  • Awesome looking Android 4.3 FM Radio.
  • Fast, Simple Sleek Presenting CyanoCream Camera.
  • All Google Apps updated to Latest Version.
  • Modified Gapps to look like JellyBean Apps
  • Sleek and Smooth CyanoCream Framework in jellybean flavour.
  • All new transition animations
  • Lovely and sleek Jelly Bean Tabbed Settings.
  • Beautiful Android 4.3 Transition Animations.
  • Android 4.3 Desk Clock and Clock Widgets.
  • CyanoCream Transparent Dialer with HD Caller screen Images support.
  • CyanoCream Transparent Ui Contacts with HD Contacts Images.
  • Settings with in built features like : Cpu Frequency Control,Gallery Lock,BenchMark,System app Installer, etc..
  • Cyanogenmod 10 10 File Manager.
  • Android 4.3 Status Bar With Some CyanoCream Touch Ups.
  • Stylish Android 4.3 Icons.
  • Transparent Messaging app with multiple theme support.
  • Jelly Bean Themed Calculator, Task Manager, Google Search, GMail and Email apps.
  • All new CyanoWallpapers app with more than all new 50 wallpapers.

Extra Tweaks applied for smooth performance and multitasking

  • Adrenaline Engine 4.4
  • Loopy Smoothness.
  • SysInit.
  • Journaling.
  • Journalism Off.
  • Kick Ass Kernelised
  • Dis_Norm_Sleeper.
  • V6 Super charger Script
  • Sqlite_Optimizer.
  • 3g Turbo Boost
  • Wi-Fi After Burner
  • Mobile Bravia Engine 3
  • CyanoCream Sound Manager with Dolby Sound
  • 18 Local.prop Tweaks
  • 20 Build.prop Tweaks.

Ok, so here’s the end of list for features, now lets checkout what are the requirements to use this Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y.



Before you begin

1) First of all make sure to create a backup of all the important SMS, contact, call logs present on your phone.

2) After that download all 4 required things from bellow section. (ROM, CWM, KERNEL, WI-FI drivers)

How to Install Jelly Bean Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y

1) Download all the four zip from above and move them to your SD card.

2) Switch off your phone.

3) Now you have to boot into your recovery mode, to do that Press and Hold Volume UP + Home + Power button together, release the button press when Samsung Logo appears.

4) Skip this step 4 and follow step 5 if you have already installed CWM recovery on your phone before. If not follow this > Select apply update from SD card > then select choose zip from SD card > browse and select the from SD card > select on YES to confirm flashing.

5) After that back to recovery main menu, select the mount and storage option, then make sure to mount the following option one by one : mount system , mount data, mount cache.

6) Now again back to recovery main menu , and select Install zip from SD card, followed by “choose zip from SD card” > browse and select the > Yes to confirm flashing.

7) So we have completed installation of White Kernel, now we have to install the Wi-Fi driver. To do that back to recovery main menu > Install zip from SD card and followed by “Choose zip from SD card” > browse and select the Wi-Fi > Yes to confirm flashing.

All the required thing to run this Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y has been installed, now it’s time to install the actual Jelly Bean Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y.

8) Back to main menu > go to advance option > then select Reboot Recovery. This will restart the recovery mode, which is important to proceed with bellow steps.

9) When the device boots up in recovery, go to “mount and storage” option > format > then format the followings one by one : Format system, format data, format recovery.

10) When the formatting is over, go to mount and storage again > this time select mount > and then mount the followings one by one : mount system, mount data, mount cache.

11) Again back to recovery main menu, select advance option > wipe dalvik cache > Yes to confirm wiping.

12) Finally that step arrived when you will be installing the ROM zip. So select “Install zip from SD card” > Choose zip from SD card > browse and select the from your SD card > YES to confirm flashing.

13) When the flashing is over, come back to recovery main menu > select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” > Yes to confirm the wipe.

14) For the last time, back to main recovery menu > select Reboot system now.

hmn… You did it. You have successfully installed the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5630. Please have a not after selecting reboot system now, it make take a while to restart for the first time, don’t pull out battery in panic.

Hope you liked our detailed guide, please support us by sharing this article with your friend. If you can’t then at least like this guide or follow us on Google+ for more such updates on Samsung Galaxy Y S5630.

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  1. ryan perez says

    hi i cant receive sms after installing the rom , what shoul i do? please reply,…. i need the procedure :(

  2. Elumalai says

    just now installed working fine . intiallly wifi tethering not working then re install by going mount system and wifi driver .zip. now working fine .

    thanks for the developers ….

  3. Arun Xavier says

    Hi, this works perfectly on my s5360, after following your 14 step procedure, wifi was not working, again I mounted system, installed wifi driver. now this works perfectly :)

    thanks :)

  4. anon says

    hey mind giving me your email add? i have alot of questions.. but i think you can answer them :D pretty please? or maybe your twitter?

  5. scarlett says

    yeah hi..i rebooted my phone but the logo is still there, and whenever i turn it sideways, i can see the home page of my phone. but the other half it still the logo :( help me? because i really wanna open my phone now. and when i touch random places on the screen, i can hear the sound it makes when you tap the screen :(

  6. AShwani says

    NEED Help .. Plzzzz….… I installed it for Galaxy Y GT 5360 but realized later that you posted it for .5630 but then it was too late…. my phone has not started . It is just showing Samsung logo and it’s been 10 mins… please tell what should I do????

    Also at point no. 9, you mentioned that : “format recovery” . There was no such option in the menu in my phone… so I could not do that part only.. Could that be a problem… please revert.. I need help urgently

  7. arvind says

    What is the size of cyano cream coustom.rom it is not 118 mb after 118 mb it is still downloading please help me

  8. Sorin says


    I’ve installed this ROM on my Galaxy Y and didn’t found any bugs yet. However, after each boot, the carrier sent me a message which says I don’t have enough credit to send a message. I’ve checked the message outbox/sent folder and didn’t found any pending or sent message. I have done a clean installation of the rom (errased anything before that, even reinstalled the stock rom to make sure there haven’t been any malicious software that would send the sms). I have wiped everything and reinstalled the stock rom and then I didn’t recieved the notification from the carrier. Then I reinstalled the Cyanocream again and It happened again. The conclusion is that there may be an app that could send a sms to the devs who build this rom in order to get some unattended payment from those who install this ROM.

    Please try to boot your phone with an empty PrePaid SIM card and find if this happen to you also.

  9. vhinz says

    its working and im exploring my new android .. ope it could go good well .. but so far i love the features and the whole theme.

    thank you very much

  10. vhinz says

    Hi… Dude i love this new version of adroid … ope i can connect now to wifi after doing what you have instructed. thanks a lot

  11. Marc says

    My galaxy y is stuck on the first logo when you power on the phone. How many minutes do i have to wait? Or it is stuck just a logo?

  12. Vishnu Vijay P says

    Hello admin .
    I rooted my galaxy y s 5360 device to android 4.1.1 (jelly blast v3 custom rom ) from mobile service center. but when i check system information using an application it shows
    ” V3 ”
    also i found a error msg “parse error” when try to install application which require android version 4.0 or more.
    1) what does it implies??.
    also version of kernal is not upgraded.
    2) i think it workes on GINGERBREAD and its theme only look like JELLYBEAN . right??
    3) Is it possible to UPGRADE COMPLETELY to android 4.3 by using your rom??? (not only in theme and look. but also in OS.) if not suggest me some other solution and custom rom for COMPLETE UPDATION
    5) and also can i upgrade kernal to an higher version using your .zip file???( MY current version of kernal is
    6) i dont know whether i have installed the CWM recovery or not. how can i determine that???

  13. Sorin Botirla says

    This is not Jelly bean. Even if it says 4.3 on settings menu, this is just a custom 2.3.6 Ginger bread rom, with modified props and interface to mimic the jellybean look. It is still recognised as a 2.3.6 rom by apps that can be installed only on ICS and above roms. The api left untouched in this rom still says 2.3.6. So, this is not a true Jelly bean guys

  14. moizalisatti says

    it didn’t install rather damaged the software and now it is just stuck on the galaxy logo i went to a nearby by shop but no solution to my remedy plz help in deep deep trouble at the moment
    moreover,i disprettly want its installation plz help

  15. Punith Chandra says

    Thanks to Abhijit Guha…ROM is very nice…
    those who r facing wifi problems follow below instructions,it is 100% working
    1. Go to recovery mode once again
    2. go to mount and storage,then mount system only
    3. go back to recovery main menu > Install zip from SD card and followed by “Choose zip from SD card” > browse and select the Wi-Fi
    4. reboot system now…

  16. Blood Sucker says

    why this android 4.2 jelly bean can’t install candy crush?? i have try many time but it can’t be install.. tell me why?

  17. sushil says

    Hi Admin,
    My question is , if i installed custom rom & then after wanted to unroot that one.
    can you tell me how to unroot that custom rom.

    Thanks in advance….


  18. ROHN says

    not strting in recovry mode before install cyanocrm.not restrt also.its shows smsng galaxy y logo..betry re-insert but not only shws logo :-(…pls help me reply pls

  19. ROHN says

    I do all step but the before install cyanocream.there were any problem & not going back to main menu.then i pull betery out & restart in recovery mode but its only shows samsng galaxy y logo,.i do many times but not showing recvry menu..i m tens about it :-( please give me reply.waiting fore answer…

  20. rohn says

    Hii there ….My phone is stucking now :-( .i do all step but at the last 2 step before install cyanocream..there is no option shows then i pull the batery ..before this when i press recovery mode there only smsmg galxy y 2-3 hour ..recovry mode is not showing .what i do please reply me.i m waiting for your reply

  21. Artexas says

    Hi, all,
    I think, that download of CyanoCream v.3 XHRR zip file is gonna crazy. I never saw downloading anomalies like this before.
    So, size of this file is 118 MB , yes? But why download goes after 118 MB, and now it shows to me 189 MB, and not stopping. Any ideas?
    I downloading this file with Dolphin web browser v.10.01

  22. saurabh says

    admin I unable to tether anymore.. plz help me out bud.. is there any device software for this version..kies is unable to detect my phone.. help me brother

  23. raj says

    its good and working but still after upgrading the version temple run game is not installing may i know the reason please

    • Abhijit Guha says

      Nope you can’t, having same Operating system doesn’t mean you can use same updating guide for both the device. So please don’t try it may brick your cell.

  24. Rama says

    On wifi settings its scanning but not detecting anything
    try this

    - Please boot into recovery again then mount the system partition…

    - Back into recovery again, select wipe cache & Wipe data / factory reset then Back to step 6 and 7 then reboot your phone. (Make sure to backup before you try this)

  25. kalya says

    IM stuck on galaxy y screen and cant go to recovery mode what should i do plzzzzzzzzzz help
    waiting for your solution admin plzzzz

  26. Mrudul says

    I have successfully installed this ROM on my Samsung Galaxy Y but there is one problem is that i unable to create samsung account and also can’t use of mobile tracker. If this problem will be solved then i will stay with this ROM otherwise my original firmware is best.

  27. man in millions moves says

    my phone is not program only cyano cream logo showing and if i tilt the phone it shows half desktop and half cyano logo but no further proceeding help please..

    • Abhijit Guha says

      Take out the battery for 10 sec, re-insert battery and boot into recovery mode. Wipe cache and reboot. It should work then

  28. phonemania says

    How to update cyanocream3 to 3.2
    Plz help me. Everything works fine other than Tethiring and hot spot.I think through this 3.2 update everything will be fine.

  29. richard says

    I am not on this ROM right now but maybe the wifi problem is due to channel settings that are allowed in EU and not in US. In Europe wifi routers may transmit on channels beyond channel 11. So if your router wifi settings are on a channel beyond channel 11, then you may have problems connectng your device if it is not set right.

    Try to set your router to a channel below channel 11. Enter the admin-page of your router on a regular pc for that. If you can do that try to connect again.

    And since I am not on this rom I can not check if the following can be done on your phone:
    go in Settings>Wireless>Wi-Fi settings then touch Menu, follow Advanced. Then you will see the regulatory domain option and change then to 13 or 14 channels. Or set it to European and not on US.

    Hope this helps.

    • Abhijit Guha says

      Thanks a lot richard for leaving a detailed solution, surely this will be helpful for them who are facing WiFi problem.

  30. smh says

    hi .
    thanx is it working good but wifi is not working . i tried wifi driver again but it still not working pls help . thanx

    • vaisakh says

      go to recovery mood,
      1) select mounts and storage 2) mount system 3) go to recovery main menu 4) apply update from sd card 5) then select wifi and yes to conform installation , then reboot your phone
      it will work 100000% sure :D

  31. iceman says

    theres an update available it says ota update to 3.2 when i download it it says error in downloading…how to update it?…….

  32. MAK says

    its amazing custom rom its work to my galaxy y try this rom if you want something different to your galaxy y..just follow the instruction of the admin..

  33. Pinky says

    Hello admin,
    I’ve been used JellyBlast custom ROM before this. I’ve been found some gallery problem and I was afraid to use other ROM. Your CyannoCream ROM is error free and really awesome! I really appreciate you for sharing your tech.

  34. KAMAL KUMAR says

    my phone is not started ,,,only cyano cream logo showing ,,,,help ,,,,and if i tilt the phone ,,,,it shows half deesktop and half cyano logo but no further procedding,,,helpppppp

  35. Aditya says

    hey i have rooted my device to 4.1.1 jelly bean before
    ….will it be safe to root it again to 4.3.0???
    reply plse

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      boot into recovery mode and wipe data / factory reset, then select reboot system now.
      It should be fine then.

  36. mr_hacker says

    if u have a problem a wifi…u go to recovery mod then mount system…back and instal wifi driver…its working 100%….

  37. aby says

    does this rom have any bugs,apart from the wifi (which is also fixed with the wifi driver)…..and also can we restore to stock kernel later after flashing?

  38. Lazar says

    Hello, i have problem. I installed everything you told and it work amazing. But the problem is Wifi.. When i open wifi setting it says just “searching” and all time just “searching”. I installed Wifi Drivers like you. Please fix this . +1 from me : )

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      Can you try one thing ? Please boot into recovery again, select wipe cache & Wipe data / factory reset then flash the Wifi driver again and reboot your phone. (Make sure to backup before you try this)

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