Disable Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Sound or Turn off Shutter Sound

Wanna know how to disable Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sound?. Yes, I want to turn off Samsung Galaxy S3 focus and shutter sounds. Don’t wanna let other know that I am a taking photo. Unlike Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sounds are not controlled by System Sound anymore. So you can’t control the volume but you still can disable it. Samsung Galaxy S3 camera does not have sound control built in. And can’t control by ringtone, notifications and system volume controls. But definitely there are some ways to turn off this annoying camera sound / shutter sound on Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung have launched Galaxy S3 with different version & slightly different Configuration on most of Countries. Like US version have different configuration than that of European Version. So any individual method of disabling camera sound will not work on all this version. If the process 1 work for US version Galaxy S3 then it might not work on European Version. That’s why I thought to provide all the different ways of turning this camera sound Off, all you have to do is try out all the process & definitely any one of them will work for you.

  • Process 1 : Simplest Way

Turn sound mode into vibrate or mute mode. Not a good idea but at least you can turn off Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sound without changing Samsung Galaxy S3 camera application which requires root access.

  • Process 2 : Turn off shutter sound Using Third Party Apps

Perhaps the easiest and most efficient solution to this problem is to not use the stock camera app. Instead, download a third-party application. No rooting or hacking required. The mobile carrier can only control the manufacturers native apps, as Sprint noted in its statement above. You can use Silent Camera App , which is really a good one.

disable Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sound

But, as many of the reviews state, none of these alternative camera apps can replicate the quality of the native Android camera app, which leads us to the next method.

Best way to disable Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Sound or Shutter Sound

Process 3 : Hide the Camera Sound Files (Root)

In this process we will rename the Sound file of Galaxy S3 so that system cannot identify it & if system can’t identify the sound file then there will be no sound while taking pictures or recording videos.

This Process Need Rooted Device (Root Galaxy S3)

1) Download Root Explorer.apk on your Rooted Galaxy S3 & install it.

2) Open Root Explorer, navigate to /system/media/audio/ui Folder.

3) Then Mount R/W. (Check Bellow Pic)

turn of galaxy s3 shutter sound

4) Now find the Sound File it should be named like shutter.ogg or Shutter_01.ogg.

5) After you found it, long press on that sound file a popup will appear on your screen >> choose rename > & rename the file to shutter.ogg.bak.(Check the bellow pic)

disable galaxy s3 camera sound








Congrats, you are done with Disabling Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Sound hopefully you have disable galaxy s3 shutter sound, now you can enjoy silent camera. Take any picture you like nobody will come to know. Liked this guide please share it. If you found any difficulty let me know in comment, I will try to help as much as possible. If you want more Samsung galaxy s3 related updates & news in future then join us on Facebook. Thanks for following the guide on how to Disable Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Sound or Turn Off Shutter Sound.

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  1. sophie says

    I’ve read your steps.
    I’ve got a question.
    Since ‘the root explorer’ is not downloaded from the google store,my phone doesn’t give me a chance to use it how ever i have a chance to change the settings.
    Is it safe to change them?
    And is the step three the only way (if the other two ways aren’t helpful?)
    Thank you:-)

  2. John Doe says

    Is this guide for ALL of the gs3 models? Or more specifically, will this be the way to go about it for the US version?

  3. Joe says

    This process worked for the shutter noise, however the sound file for the focus noise is not located in the UI directory. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where that noise is and without removing it I am forced to let the camera focus on its own rather than touch-to-focus.

    Any ideas where the manual focus noise is located?

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      you need to install Root explorer only.
      You can use explorer app also but you have to find how to use by your own. I never used that app so can’t help you with this, sorry RI.

  4. milton bernard says

    Hi! my is Milton. I have a galaxy s3 and I have try all your steps to silence my camera shutter sound, but it doesn’t seems to be working. I went to root browser system media audio ui shutter.ogg and rename to shutter.ogg.bak but my phone keep on saying operation failed. what should I do next

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      Follow the guide properly, you haven’t changed the /system/media/audio/ui folder permission to R/W.
      Check the Point 3) Then Mount R/W.

  5. Huda says

    I tried using process 3 and it didnt work. Everytime i did it, it would tell me that the operation failed. Or it wouldn’t even give me the option to rename it.

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      I think your galaxy s3 isn’t rooted. So please root your phone first. Then you will be able to change the sound

  6. Victoria says

    I downloaded the app and navigated to the ui folder. But there is no Mount R/W button. There’s just nothing there. Did the app have an update and remove this feature or am I missing something?

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      I think you have download the free version from play store which is called EXPLORER not the ROOT EXPLORER. You will find the Mount R/W button only in ROOT Explorer & Yes the app has been updated recently but Mount R/W button is still there.
      You can get that app for free over here http://goo.gl/2ewcT5 ;)

      • says

        Amazing issues Һere. I am verʏ satisfied tօ peer yοur article.

        Тhanks a lot аnd I am taking a lookk forward tߋ touch
        yߋu. Will yߋu pleaѕe drop me a e-mail?

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      Glad it worked for ya. Sorry I don’t remember the focus sound file name. If you want to remove that too then please find it by playing all the sound in that folder..

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      nope it should. Make sure you have rooted your device & changed the permission of ui folder as R/W (Read-Write).
      If it is only R (read) then you can’t rename the file

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