How to Factory Reset Micromax A110 Canvas 2 and Fix it

Have you over customized your Micromax A110 Canvas 2 by installing tons of ROM, Tweaks & MOD’S, Application & its DATA ? Which helped you in now way but to degrade your device performance ? No problem, with factory resetting there is a possibility of getting back the previous performance.

Today I will show you how to factory reset Micromax A110 Canvas 2 from recovery mode this process is widely known as Hard Resetting, it doesn’t only helps in clearing overload but also helps to fix minor issues like boot loop, stuck on boot logo & Forgetting pattern lock & pin.


The process is very simple all you have to know is how to enter into recovery mode of Micromax A110 & then some button press & Done. Note, this process should work on other similar device too, so give it a try.

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How to factory Reset Micromax A110 Canvas 2

1) Power off your phone.

2) Take the battery out for 10-15 sec.

3) Re-insert battery

4) Press & hold this button combo :- VolumeUp + VolumeDown + Power. until you get a black screen with 2 option on it.

5) Now press the volume Up button for the last time to enter into recovery mode.

6) After you press the Volume up button wait 5 sec & press the HOME button. You will get a list of options.

7) Now find the “Wipe data / Factory reset” option, use volume button to choose it & then press the menu button (left) to select it. You will be asked to confirm it by pressing YES, so do it.

8) When done, Select “Reboot System Now” option from main menu.

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So that’s it, If you are facing small issue like boot looping then after completing all the steps you will have the fully fixed phone on your hand. If you enjoyed this guide give it a like. Don’t forget to follow me on GOOGLE+.

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  1. Ashish says

    I have tried following same steps on my canvas 2 mobile. Unfortunately it did not work and it is still showing me boot screen of “Canvas” and not going to Home screen. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Rajnikant says

    Thanks a ton. My phone was not working since last two days. by following this simple steps I reset the phone and now its working. Thank you..

  3. khawar says

    My micromax a110 is continuously restarting by itself and due to restarting i acnt open in recovery mode so what can i do……pllzzz help me.

  4. rohit says

    i rooted my canvas 2 and used boot animations. but 1 day my phone get rebooted and it stuck in the boot loop please help. i have also tried reseting my phone already

  5. rohit says

    i am stuck in the boot loop. i installed the boot animations. and stuck in the boot loop.
    i tried factory reset but it is of no use please help

  6. prabal says

    sir i’m facing bootlooping problem from 3 days in my canvas 2 mobile
    first of all i swapped internal & external storage does this cause any problem when installing custom rom
    because when i wipe dalvik cache it gives “E:unknown volume for path [/sd-ext]”
    and after that next it says “dalvik cache wiped”
    ive tried the method of removing boot loop its not working by your method
    i have created system backup but it shows error md5 mismatch
    please help

  7. sajad says

    I have Micromax vivacious A72.but this procedure doesn’t work… phone gets off and on as normal…..I removed the battery also and reinserted it but nothing is happening…..what should I do to hard reset my phone …plz help me out…???

  8. says

    My A 110 is just getting on and off after i did a reset it just go on and off nor i can do the volume up-down + power button its just stuck please help.

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