Galaxy S4 Custom ROM for Micromax A110 Canvas 2 | CanvaS4 ROM

Searching for the best Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Custom ROM? Then you should check this post on CanvaS4 ROM a Galaxy S4 featured Custom ROM for Micromax A110 canvas 2. We all know that Micromax Canvas 2 is the best smartphone among the canvas series, its having dual core 1 ghz CPU, 512mb RAM, PowerVR GPU, 8MP Camera, Mediatek Chipset & ICS 4.0.4 operating system. Recently Micromax officially launched the first jelly bean update in fact the first android update on AIR & that’s also for Microamx A110 Canvas 2. Canvas 2 was released on October 2012 & today’s date is 27/8/13 so it has been almost 1 year since A110 released, in the mean time lots of custom ROM for micromax a110 has been out in market & ready to be flashed, but bugs persists on all those ROM’s, so it is hard to decide which ROM to use & which one not.

custom rom for micromax a110 canvas 2custom rom for micromax a110 canvas 2

No more confusions we have tested all most all those custom ROM for micromax a110 canvas 2 & found only 2 ROM’s which are suitable for daily use. One of them is LEWA OS which was released on 21st July 2013, it runs on jelly bean 4.1.2 having some awesome features & a cool white UI, which makes it a little different from all other Custom ROM’s. The Second ROM for micromax a110 canvas 2 which we found next to Lewa OS is CanvaS4, canvas4 is a galaxys4 featured Custom ROM for Micromax a110 canvas 2. XDA Developer (dgrules) made this ROM by having the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 features on mind, & tried to give as much as possible. Today here we will discuss about this latest & best Canvas4 custom ROM for Micromax a110, if you want to know more about the LEWA OS then proceed here.

Features of CanvaS4 – Custom ROM for Micromax A110 Canvas 2

::::::::::::::::::::::::: Core Features :::::::::::::::::::::::::

  • Stock Jelly Bean based Rom
  • Fully Galaxy S4 Touchwiz Theme
  • Galaxy S4 Weather Widget
  • Galaxy S3 Touchwiz Launcher
  • Galaxy S4 Boot logo
  • Samsung Boot animation
  • Galaxy S4 Styled Settings.apk
  • Galaxy S4 Dialer
  • Galaxy S4 Themed SystemUI
  • Galaxy S4 Styled Stock Lockscreen
  • Ported Galaxy Touchwiz Clock.apk
  • SMemo
  • Galaxy S4 My Files
  • Galaxy S4 Icons
  • Galaxy S4 Themed Music Player
  • Call recording on stock call screen
  • Galaxy S4 Battery icon
  • Bravia Engine 2

::::::::::::::::::: Basic Features ::::::::::::::::::

  • Battery Tweaks
  • Proximity Tweaks
  • Frees More RAM
  • Signal Tweaks
  • Fast Reboot
  • Better Responsiveness & Speed
  • No Delay In Making Call
  • Net Speed Tweaks
  • Better Image & Audio Quality
  • Faster Streaming
  • Loads of Build.prop tweaks

You must be going crazy to install this custom rom for micromax a110 after reading all the features stated above, yep we will show you how to do that. But first you should know the risk of installing a custom rom on android smartphones.

Warning : As Custom Roms are pre rooted so installing a custom rom will void your device warranty. So make a backup of your clean stock rom before your proceeds, it will help to regain the warranty back by installing it anytime. So anyhow if you are ready to install this custom rom for micromax canvas 2 a110 then lets ahead with requirements , download link & step for installation.

UPDATE (28/10/13)


1) 60 % charged micromax a110.

2) Rooted & CWM recovery installed.

3) Canvas4 – Custom ROM for Micromax A110 canvas 2

4) Download Stock Lock

How to install custom rom for micromax a110 canvas 2

1) Go to above link, download the v1 , v1.1 ROM & Stock Lock

2) Switch off your phone, take out batter for 10 sec, reinsert it, boot in CWM recovery mode by pressing & holding Volume UP + Power Key.

3) Select Wipe data/factory reset > YES to perform a data wipe.

4) Come back to main menu, select Wipe cache partition > YES to confirm it.

5) Back to main menu, select Advanced > Wipe dalvik cache > Yes.

6) Again back to main menu select Install Zip from SDCARD > choose the v.1 canvas4 custom rom for micromax a110 canvas 2 > YES to confirm flashing. Again select install zip from sdcard > choose v1.1 custom rom zip > YES to confirm flashing. For the final time again select install ZIP from sdcard > Choose Stock Lock > Yes to confirm flashing.

7) For the last time back to main menu, select Advanced > Wipe dalvik cache > Yes.

8) It will take about 5 minute to flash the custom rom, then come back to main menu & select Reboot System.

9) After you select reboot system your phone will take about 10 minutes or more to start for the first time, so don’t pull out the batter in panic.

That’s it it, you have successfully installed the Canvas4 best custom rom for micromax a110 canvas 2. Enjoy the ROM with root privilage. If you liked this rom please help the developer by sharing it. Do comments bellow & let us know if you liked this rom or not, then we will try to bring update. Thanks for trying Canvas4 custom rom for micromax a110 canvas 2.

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      • Kaushal says

        HI Lakshman, I have canvas hd phone i am facing one problem my phone is stuck after showing canvas logo nothing happen after that… so do you know why its happening and what is the solution for that problem. because its stuck on canvas logo..

        • Lakshman Teja says

          You can try out flashing stock formware on your device which will help you to solve the problem.

  1. Adnaan Khan says

    i cant see the advanced option to clear dalvik cache in my canvas 2 plus 2 A110Q….what do i do…i wnt to flash rom

  2. shubham says

    Okay so rom worked fine and it is quite cool too but i am unable to disable the sidebar/multibar in the left corner of the screen. In normal s4 phones there are sevaral ways to disable it but in this rom i’m unable to find one.
    Plz help if you know a way
    Thank you.

  3. waqas says

    I have a problem that my sim is detected but there are no network signals. the signal bar is marked with small x mark. what am I missing. what should I do to handle this. there is no info on google for this.

    someone please help me out.
    I am using micromax A110.

    Thank you

  4. praveen says

    hi ,
    First thanks for ur fantastic work ,after reboot it is still stuck in s4 booting logo..please help me to resolve this.

      • praveen says

        hi ,
        thank for your valuable reply…i will check and let you know the result :)
        and one more thing two ROM versions are there V1 and V1.1 which one have to select?


  5. aashu says

    hii bro , i hv successfuly flashed this rom , but i want to know how to get back official stock jelly bean rom and how to unroot fully and how to get back stock recovery can u make this turtoil…if yes then its really helful to us…rpl soon

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      No you can’t, you have to root then you will be able to install custom recovery, without which you won’t be able to install Custom ROM.

      • Harish T says

        Abhijit Ji, hope u r doing fine! i cannot root my Canvas 2 A110 – which is running in 4.1.1 JB ,
        i need to install CWM recovery .. pls guide..
        I tried several methods,
        Bin4ry , SP flash tool ., Z4, Root, Poot, etc..everything ended up with vein :(
        im trying to root my fone for the past 5 months..

        please help me with this issue//
        i tried to catch u thru FB/ but no responce.

        • Abhijit Guha says

          Hi Harish, sorry for no response on FB I was little busy. Anyway I have published any guide to install the CWM Recovery on Micromax A110, so please try searching Google I hope you will get decent result.

  6. drsa says

    Sir I did all the steps up to- install from SD
    it saying installation aborted, not installed (bed file)(in red)

  7. drsa says

    Sir i m hving canvas 2 rooted,i want to install this rom
    But how can i make back up of current stack romand can i
    Copy back up to my computer,plz reply

  8. pankaj verma says

    i like this very much and thnxs to u….. but there is one prob. occur that whenever i restart my phone its show “unsportely contact stop” message… but not effect any thing….>>> plz can u remove the message from rom??

    • mahesh says

      Hello sir I have stock ICS and I’m rooted and installed cwm touch version.
      If I want to flash this ROM what should I do
      I think there is no boot.img in the zip file. So is it okay if I flash it through cwm??

        • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

          First you have to download the cwm recovery then install it, after that download the – place it on your SD Card, boot into recovery mode and flash it.

          • Pranay Anand says

            bro plz help me…i installed droid rom by asish on my samsung galaxy S6802…it worked nd installed sucessfully but home button is not working nd incoming calls nd outgoing calls are not working…please kindly help me bro…please i want to install another stock ROM or ginger bread 2.3.6 in my phone so kindly provide me working link bro please…

  9. aashu says

    hii bro i hv rooted my micromX a110 but now how to increase ram with swap …with stock kernel i hv insatalled jelly bean official…plz tell me and this rom will be able to swap and no issue with camera and anything else plz tell me….??

  10. Sanket Tekam says


    m using JB 4.1.1 in my Micromax A110 device… but i got bored by using this so ,
    i tried to install this custom ROM on my Micromax A110 Cancas 2 device,
    but it is showing ” Installing aborted…” even i followed all steps….

    plz help me out….

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      are you trying to install this ROM from Stock Recovery ? If so it won’t work.
      You have to Install the Custom Recovery first.

      • Sanket Tekam says

        Hello friend,
        After ur suggestion…but to install the custom recovery in my device…first I have to root my android….
        And I tried to root my device by using framaroot.apk file,oneclickroot, and also by computer using SRSroot and root and recovery file (run.dat) in which we get command prompt popup…
        The thing is, I cnt able to root my device…
        Give me some suggestion…

          • Sanket Tekam says

            hey buddy…
            m using CanvaS4 ROM…
            here m facing a problem that contacts of sim one is nt responding…
            after opening contacts app. it shows a popup that ” unfortunately contacts has stop.”
            what could i do now on this…
            plz clear this problem..

          • Sanket Tekam says

            Thank you very much friends to help me by giving suggestion to root my micromax device…
            now my devices is successfully rooted by using VROOT software.
            now m using CanvaS4 coustom ROM in it…

            thank you

  11. Rahi says

    I have tried clearing cache and then reboot but the error message of “Unfortunately Contacts has stopped” is still coming up, i know this is just a message and everything is working fine but still it does not good look when somebody switch on the phone, it is quite irritating..

    Kindly fix this problem, its a request, please.

  12. Dr ripal says

    I update this ROM well. I like it. But some problem face me.
    1- any app can not download from Google play.
    2- unfortunately. Contact has been stops.
    3- google search bar not present.
    So bro plz help me yaar I tier

  13. jaineet singh says

    hey bro! I’ve installed a rom named S.E.M.I v3 rom and unable to boot into recovery mode (CWM) now I’m stucked and unfortunately I’ve completely unrooted my canvas 2 through super user app (@110) and I’ve tried rooting my phone again but i can’t if u hav any idea how to root the canvas 2 (widout bin4ry coz it doesn’t works)den plz help me….

  14. prax says

    dude im using canvas 2 a110 there id no option like wipe dalvik catch :( and when im instaling its aborting the process what is it ???????????

  15. Prabin Munankarmi says

    In article above and screenshot of the custom rom, I am able to see only single SIM signal…will I be able to use only single sim or both the SIM in this case??

  16. Prabin Munankarmi says

    I have upgraded Canvas 2 with Micromax stock android JB 4.1.1 from ICS.

    Can I follow the process explained in the article and go ahead with installation of Canvas4 – Custom ROM for Micromax A110 canvas 2

    Will it work in JB 4.1.1 ?

  17. prabz says

    Bro after I back up can i cut and paste the back up in computer coz i need space in sd card. And put it back to sdcard when i want to restore backup?? Will it be ok?

      • prabz says

        BHAI I HAVE FLASHED THIS ROM IT IS FASTER AND BETTER THAN STOCK CANVAS 2 ROM. I Am very HAPPY. THANKS ALOT MY FRIEND. But there is only 1 problem. “unfortunately contacts has stopped” I get this every time I reboot.I know its not a major issue. Bit doesn’t look cool. I even tried to CACHE CLEAN.. Nothing HAPPENED BRO. PLZ HELP ME…. :-(

  18. PRABZ says

    BHAI… WHAT IS THE JELLYBEAN ON THIS ROM??? I have jb 4.1.1 in stock ROM . will this ROM Give me jb 4.2 ??? And please tell me how to Back up and Restore current ROM ??

  19. Vishnu Pargavan says

    My MMX a110 not working with this ROM… when I start my MMX a110 it shows only s symbol and Samsung galaxy s4…how do I correct it and enter into s4…. please help me….

  20. ganesha says

    I recently installed this rom on canvas 2….working very well…nice performance…..thanks…

    But i recently faced some problems given below …..plz give me solution….

    1.when mobile is On and after starting it says. ..
    “Unfortunately contact has been stopped”.

    2.In gallary when i press “Edit “option in images it display same problem..
    “Unfortunately com.gallary.3d stopped”…

    1.diller is good n nice looking..
    but when incoming call come….it looking bad…it same as stock mmx 110….plz change it…

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      Boot into recovery mode and clear the cache only. Just clear the cache & then reboot. Hopefully those problem will get fixed.

  21. ganesha says


    I recently installed this rom….working very well…nice performance…greate…thanks…

    But i recently faced some problems given below….

    1.when mobile is On and after starting it says. ..Unfortunately contact has been stopped.

    2.In gallary when i press “Edit “option in images it display same problem…Unfortunately com.gallary.3d stopped…

    1.diller is good n nice looking..
    but when incoming call come….it looking bad…it same as stock mmx 110….plz change it…
    Thanks….n all the best for future ROMS…
    Special thnx to…Abhijit guha sir… :-)
    n also to all frnnds who helped for this great ROM…
    Thnx again…. :-)

  22. jinu says

    Hi Friends ,

    while upgrading S4 ROM i got an error.
    i am unable to install files. it shows “installation aborted” Pls help me.

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      Probable you haven’t updated your stock recovery to CWM recovery, that’s why you getting this error.
      So make sure to install CWM recovery on your phone then go for this ROM upgrading process.

      • jinu says

        i success Thanks abhijit.

        I have successfully installed S4 ROM.

        I am facing two issues now.
        1.unfortunately TouchWIZ Home+ has stopped – I am getting this error MSG always
        2.Problem loading Widget.
        How do I sort this two issues? Thanks in advance

  23. syed zeeshan says

    I had rooted my Canvas 2 on the official OS of jelly bean 4.1.1. But I want to know that what is the version of CanvaS2 (custom rom of S2)

  24. pankaj says

    thanks bro for tis but when i restart the mobile its sows that contacts stop unfortunately….plzz solve the problem…again heartly tnxs a lots u and ur team members..god bless u all

  25. rahul says

    Hi when I dalvik cache wiped it says E: unknown volume for path [sd-ext]
    And v1 not instaaled it says installation aborted please help

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      If you have already rooted it once then why you gonna need to root it again??
      Just go for fonts, but make sure to use those apps carefully.

  26. Yash soni says

    aftet installing canvas4 rom…..i want to go in recovery mode…..but when i click on recovery mode….my phone gets reset….plz help a110

  27. Mohanakrishnan S says

    I had already updated my canvas 2 with jelly bean 4.1.1, and my device is not rooted too, so I am doubtful that whether I can use your rom on my device please help me….

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      why are you trying to extract those zip? Those are flashble zip, need to be installed from CWM recovery.

  28. mohd says

    i am not getting this select install ZIP from sdcard option in recovery mode

    when i press the volume up key it shows only
    1 recovery mode
    2 fast reboot mode
    3 normal mode

  29. sri says

    hi sir,
    i have canvas 2 (a110) mobile. in order to have a custom rom i have rooted my mobile. thenfollowed your instructions . when i reboot my mobile after the above steps the screen shows as superphone canvas 2 only and this screen is not turning off for hrs . pls help me

  30. says

    Plz give me custom rom for canvas a72,,,, even internet not working after rooting my device…….so
    i cant install CWM recovery !!! plz help me!!! reply fast sir!!

  31. Anand says

    Plz give me custom rom for canvas a72,,,, even internet not working after rooting my device…….si i cant install CWM recovery !!! plz help me!!!

  32. Rahi says

    I have flashed this ROM and its working like a CHARM, Awesome ROM, BIG THANKS to everyone involved directly or indirectly for making this WONDERFUL rom, with this my search for a better rom comes to an end.

    Only one question i have is that everytime i reboot or start my Canvas 2, it says “Unfortunately Contacts has stopped”. Honestly it does not effect anything on my phone or its performance but quite irritating to see that message everytime it pops up on restart.

    Requesting you to kindly look into this matter and provide me with a solution as soon as possible.

    Rest Everything is BEST.

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      Make a stock ROM backup before installing this ROM. then you can get back the stock any time you want.

        • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

          Boot into recovery mode, select backup and restore option, select backup, then select yes to confirm backing up stock ROM.

  33. devang says

    I did … flash with these roms … 2 times…. same happeens .. it stuck on s4 screen ….
    I flashed it with stock rom JB4.1 and then root it , and start a fresh installation of s4 rom again.. follow you ins, but still it stuck on S4 booting screen……
    Please see this issue…

  34. suraj says

    i tried installing s4 rom on canvas 2 and i said that the process got aborted and then i reboted and now it shows the s4 starting screen and then it get stuck on that screen.and i didnt backup my rom

  35. Sarath Kapoor says

    Hi i have put the Rom of urs but its not working for my canvas 2…
    Samsung Galaxy S IV screen is flashing still for past one hour i dont know what to do???
    any suggestion from u???
    reply me soon please….

  36. ashok maurya says

    i follow your step but in advanced wipe dalvik cahce select E: unknown volume for path [/sd-ext] error occured:
    when select wipe dalvik cache

  37. sam says

    i have rooted my canvas 2 with officail jelly bean and now ifi install canvaS4 rom do i need to root it again… reply fast asap….

  38. prince says

    dear admin , i have done all above but after rebooting, when s logo screen comes i waited for one hour but nothing happens. i have done this 5 times but nohing happened , i have canvas 2 with jb 4.1.1. please help asap….

  39. VINAY says


    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      I think you didn’t cleared dalvik cache. So now in this state you have to download a new ROM and flash it following this procedures only. You can try suvi ROM. Just type suvi ROM for micromax a110 in Google

  40. faisal says

    please help me im really confused i want to know whether i can instal acid audio engine on canvas2.i really want to know and on any other divices like lava iris 504q or canvas hd.

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      Yes you can install acid audio engine on canvas 2, Iris 504q & canvas hd also.
      In fact it is usable with any android phone which is running on ICS, Jb & kitkat

      • faisal says

        another question please answer so that i can make a good and best decision.Does the sound quality changes from phone to phone when we install acid audio engine for eg:Is the sound quality better in high end phones like samsung galaxy s3 then the phone like lava iris 504q and canvas hd or 2 or it is not?Please reply i want to buy a mobile phones specially for listening MUSIC it should be android.PLEAS!PLEASE!PLEASE! clear my doubt

        • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

          Of course yes….
          How could you expect a free sound mod will transform iris 504 into s4 or s3…. Just think if it could then why lava didn’t used it in iris 504????

      • faisal says

        Hi! which is better from this two for listening music note 2 or galaxy s3? bcoz im finding it second hand it is hard to get s3 in second hand and i want a larger screen so im going for note 2 which is available.So please guide me the right way.

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      Cyanogenmod / CM10 for micromax a110 canvas 2 is at alpha stage. You can install it but of no use. Because it won’t boot. So don’t try it.

  41. abraham eben andrews says

    Hi am using micromax a110q canvas 2 plus rooted handset … Wil it work on it i need a good rom plz help ma if nt plz gve me link for it

  42. jaineet says

    hey admin I’ve installed a rom called S.E.M.I.v3 and it will hav a major bug like- whenever i go into clockwork recovery mode(CWRM) it will automatically restores and im unanle to go into CWRM and was unable to flash another rom if u hav any ideas them mail me on my id [email protected] if u can help me then plz help me…

      • Abhijeet says

        Yes I flashed v1 first and then v1.1
        I re flashed my older ROM using SP tool and tried above steps again. It’s been more than 15 mins now but it is still not going ahead from S4 logo. I will wait for another 10 mins to see if it moves ahead.

  43. admin says

    There was a small mistake in this guide. So some of you guys were facing boot loop.
    Now it has been updated, so kindly give a try.
    Thanks for understanding.

  44. Akhil says

    Thanks for the Custom ROM.

    I have successfully installed the ROM as per the instructions mentioned above. Apart from weather widget and touchwiz theme, I am not able to access other features as mentioned such as S Memo, S Dialer, S Music Player and other customized apps. I had only flashed V 1.1 of your custom ROM. Do I need to flash earlier version to access all features or something else needs to be done.

    Please suggest.


  45. Akhil says

    Thanks for the Superb Custom ROM.

    I have installed the custom ROM on MMX A110. But I am not able to access any widget apart from the weather widget and Touchwiz Theme. I have only flashed V 1.1 of your ROM. Do I need to flash earlier version also to access all the features?

    The dialer , music player, clock etc. are still the old ones.

    Please suggest

  46. Vicky says

    Hi admin,

    Followed the steps exactly as above, but my phone got struck at S4 boot logo. Waited for more than 30 mins after installing, it shows only S4 logo. Please help.

  47. Akash Ghosh says

    does this rom work on canvas 2 plus ???? if not please suggest me some roms for canvas 2 plus with download links…..
    thank u.

  48. Riju says

    After installing the CanvaS4 Custom ROM, will the pausing video on looking away be enabled. PLEASE TELL SOON. THIS ROM IS LOOKING VERY TEMPTING.

  49. Baji says

    After did a clean install following the new instructions, I am able to successfully install this ROM.
    Great UI and features, keep up the good work!!!

    any clue on similar ROM for iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1?
    your response is appreciated.

    • admin says

      I told you it will work.
      Anyway glad you did it (y)

      Yes there are some custom rom for iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 , but we haven’t tested it, so can’t recommend you.

  50. hiren says

    best rom. and awsome battery.
    solution to install.
    factory reset
    dalvik chache
    chache clean

    install rom
    do dalvik cache again
    reboot and wait for 4 minute..
    this all step i done but nothing happen…
    only logo will came
    can u tell frist which file we install in cwm or canvas…?

  51. Baji says


    Even after following the new installation steps, my canvas2 got stuck at 2nd screen with shining big S and Samsung Galaxy S IV. please help !!!

  52. ajay kumar says

    my clock word mode is not working in micromax canvas 2…..
    whenever i try to open recovery mode then my phone got automaticly reset……plz someone help me

  53. majaaz says

    Hello iam new to this actually after rooting and installing cwm and then i hav created my phone backup after that i hav iflash the rom acording to the instruction wipe dat/factory reset wipe cache partition and also dalvik wipe den after that i hav installed the s4 rom from my internal sd card after it said s4 rom is installed i reboot my phone den canvas logo is coming after some tim it is entering into cwm recovery plz help me what has happen……

  54. Riaj says

    Hey man thanks for this ROM. So far the best ROM. Just update your installation process a little bit, then everyone will able to install it.

    After the step 6, add a new step :- go to main menu, select Advanced > Wipe dalvik cache > Yes.

  55. JAYMIN says


  56. harsh vardhan says

    its not working even after i installed canvas s4 and canvas s4 1.1. i wiped out the data then wiped the cache and dalvik cache.i then installed both the files then wiped the cache again.waited for an hour and nothing happened….what to do… i have done it 4 to 5 times…plz help

    • admin says

      do it in r:ght order : factory reset
      dalvik chache
      chache clean

      install rom
      do dalvik cache again
      reboot and wait for 4 minute.

  57. hiren says


    • admin says

      you mean lidroid toggles ?

      Ya its possbile, even some low priced device link Micromax A89, Karbonn A5 got lidroid port.

  58. says

    best rom. and awsome battery.
    solution to install.
    factory reset
    dalvik chache
    chache clean

    install rom
    do dalvik cache again
    reboot and wait for 4 minute..

    awsome stuff is..
    install it over an old custom rom which you r using.
    because when you install it over something your android is upgrading…

    it will never stop process in s4 logo animation ..

  59. says

    best rom.
    solution to install.
    factory reset
    dalvik chache
    chache clean

    install rom
    do dalvik cache again
    reboot and wait for 4 minute..

    awsome stuff is..
    install it over an old custom rom which you r using.
    because when you install it over something your android is upgrading…

    it will never stop process in s4 logo animation ..

  60. hiren says

    hello man
    i try this rom lots of time but every time only S symbol will came and nothin happen please give me solution i want to install this rom i follow every step…

  61. vijay says

    Bro iss ROM me ek prob aa rhi hai :( job bhi APN change krna chahta hu always crash :( unexpectly close stop working and invalid imei and WiFi shows nvram err…:’(

    • admin says

      sorry to hear that, but no one else complained that.
      Also you can try clearing cache from recovery. hope it will fix that prob

    • admin says

      your welcome, btw you should thanks the original developer at xda.
      Yeah stay with us, we will post more Custom rom for micromax a110 canvas 2

  62. farhan arnob says

    mu phone is mmx A88.when i install canvas4 rom after installation complete my phone cant boot.only canvas logo showing and white screen flashing and rebooting.recovery mode open but not on my phone as normally.plz help

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