How to Root HTC Desire V | Rooting HTC Desire V

Rooting HTC desire v is not as that difficult, you don’t need to download hell lot of softwares and all to root htc desire v. All you need to do is just download a 20mb Desire v Rooting Kit and follow my steps. This toolkit doesn’t only help to root htc desire v but also it helps to flash custom recovery, unlocking bootloader, unroot desire v, etc.

If you recently purchased the HTC desire v & thinking to root it, then this guide will be helpfull for you, because we are going to discuss in detail about how to root htc desire v. If you are very new to android then you must be thinking why should I root HTC desire v ? what are the benefits of rooting htc desire v ? am I right ? if yes then you should check this post what is rooting. In short rooting htc desire v will allow you super user access on it, so you will be able to customize it & install root apps & games. Ok thats enough lets checkout what are the things required to root htc desire v.

Warning : Rooting HTC desire v will void your device warranty.

Requirements to Root HTC Desire V

1) HTC desire v with unlocked bootloader.

2) HTC desire v Rooting kit.

Install Clockworkmod Recovery on HTC Desire V

1) Download the Tool kit from above link & place it on your desktop.

2) Extract the toolkit.

3) Enable USB Debugging on your desire v (setting > application > development > usb debugging)

4) Connect your desire v to PC via USB cable.

5) Double click on Toolkit’s executable file which you will get after extracting the toolkit archive.

6) Select Clockworkmod from the toolkit menu & hit Flash Recovery button.


7) Now follow the on-screen instruction to complete the Clockworkmod recovery installation.

Congrat’s you have successfully completed the process to install clockworkmod recovery on HTC Desire V. Now lets jump into the last step to root htc desire v.

How to Root HTC Desire V

1) After installing clockworkmod recovery, once switch off and restart your desire v.

2) Connect your desire v to computer via USB cable.

3) Double click on Toolkit’s executable file which you will get after extracting the toolkit archive.

4) Now select PERM ROOT option from the menu and hit the RUN button.


5) Follow the ON-Screen instruction to complete rooting htc desire v.

CONGO! you did it, you have successfully completed all the steps to root htc desire v. Hope this guide helped you if yes then please share it with your friend. Soon I will post custom rom for htc desire v so stay tuned with US. Thanks for reading how to Root HTC Desire v.

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  1. Amit kumar says

    Does this tool kit doesn’t provide to unlock bootloader and if not then how to unlock it to further root my device and does I need any HTC desire v driver install on my pc?

  2. Siroshini Pillay says

    Hi I really hope you respond I’d really like if you can show me how I can change my HTC look to an Xperia one because I’m more of a Sony user and I just recently changed to a HTC lack of a better option I mean its not bad but I just feel the Xperia system/interface is more user friendly and its much more easier for me. Your help is greatly appreciated thank you very much :)

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      You can do that simply by flashing any xperia style custom ROM on your phone. But it totally depends on availability of such ROM

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