How to Root LG P500 Optimus One – 2.2.2 Froyo & 2.3.3 Gingerbread

LG Optimus One P500 is really a lucky android model. This phone is available running top 4 android version namely 2.2 Froyo, 2.3.3 Gingerbread update, 4.0.4 ICS update, 4.1 Jelly Bean update. Out of these four Android updates first two i.e, Froyo & Gingerbread updates were launched officially by LG and the rest two advanced updates were custom made / ported by android developers over XDA & other forums which is pre rooted. So if you are using 2.2 or 2.3 OS version on your LG P500 Optimus one & willing to root your phone, then according to me this guide to root Lg P500 Optimus One will be your best choice.

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2.2 & 2.3 android version are out dated now, if you’re running those version & ever wanted to upgrade it to latest available OS, then you can do so after rooting. In fact our next guide will be on it, so make sure to follow us on twitter or subscribe our newsletter to keep yourself updated with our guides. Anyway, before you proceed to root Lg P500 Optimus one, I want to say a little about Android Rooting in bellow para, if you’re newbie to android then must read. Pro user can skip it.

root para android

Like I said above rooting is necessary if you want to upgrade Lg P500, not only optimus one about 90% of android handset need to be rooted first to do any customization. It has both good and bad phase, like rooting enable superuser access on your device thus allowing you to edit System / Core files. After rooting lg p500 optimus one you will be able to install all kind of android apps available at play store, it will also allow you to install Custom Recovery, Custom Themes, Custom ROM’s, latest version of Cyanogenmod. In other words rooting will improve your phone performance. So now you know what are its benefits, lets checkout few disadvantages of it – Rooting will void your device warranty, wrong editing of system file may lead to temporary bricking of your phone, some root privileged apps may break down your device . These are all pro’s and con’s of rooting android phone, so if have prepared yourself then let’s check how to root Lg P500 Optimus one.

Notice : Rooting will void your device warranty, so proceed at your own Risk.

How to Root LG Optimus one P500 running on Froyo 2.2.2

If you’re using Lg p500 running on Android 2.2.2 froyo then follow this guide otherwise skip to 2.3.3 section bellow.

1) Download the Ginger break rooting application from here or here.

2) Connect your phone to PC in mass storage mode & transfer the above downloaded file to your phone SD card.

3) use your phone default file manager to install the application.

4) After installation over, quit to home screen & open Setting > Application > Development > USB debugging > Turn it ON.

5) Now again quit to Home screen, then open the Gingerbreak app  (which you installed few secs ago).

6) Click the “Root Device” option on that app.

After tapping Root Device option, the app start it works & with a few seconds it will complete the process to root Lg Optimus one P500 itself & your device will reboot / restart automatically. (No need to panic if it take a bit more time to get restarted than usual – Do not take out battery)

When the device boot’s up, search for the Superuser application in your app drawer. If it is there, it means your phone has been successfully rooted. Go enjoy root privileges.

How to Root LG P500 Optimus one running on Gingerbread 2.3.3

In this process we are going to use SuperOneClick Root tool which is operated from computer only.

1) First of all download the P500 driver, don’t skip this driver installation otherwise SuperOneClick will not work on your PC.

2) Download click on the download driver & complete installation.

3) Now Restart your Computer.

4) Download the P500 Gingerbread Rooting Tool.

5) Extract it after downloading, you will find a folder namely ””, open it.

6) Enable USB debugging on your phone, to do that – open Setting >>Applications>>Development>>USB debugging > Turn it ON.

7) Connect your phone to PC now, double click the file name “SuperOneClick” inside the folder.

8) Now click the ROOT button which is situated at the top SuperOneClick window.

That’s it, with in few second this file will complete root LG P500 Optimus one, now you can enjoy a rooted android phone. After rooting if you want to upgrade your phone or install custom recovery on it make sure to follow our updates. Thanks for following our guide to root Lg P500 Optimus one.

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  1. Kirsten says

    Thanks for writing this article. I tried SuperOneClick before, and it didn’t work. Installing the P500 driver didn’t completely work — when I plugged in the phone, Windows didn’t recognized that a driver already existing and went fishing for one… and SuperOneClick didn’t recognize that the driver was installed either and threw up an error message. So I tried to click on the button to tell SuperOneClick that I didn’t want it to proceed with the root… but then it did anyhow… and the root worked. So in the end, it was actually a success, where before, SuperOneClick wouldn’t proceed past the initial stages. So now that the phone is rooted, I can hopefully do some things to remedy the fact that I keep bumping up against the limits of the very small amount of storage space on the phone (and have more than 2-3 apps installed at one time!) :-)

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