How to Root Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch

Any one here wished for a detailed guide to Root Samsung Galaxy Gear, here it comes then. First of all I would like to thank photonic geek an Android developer on XDA forum, because without him it wasn’t possible yet to root galaxy gear. He’s who first discovered the rooting guide for this Smart Watch.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch is comparatively complex. There are lots of Android phone available in the market which can be rooted with just one click of your thumb, so if you compare galaxy gear with them then this Rooting process it really a bit tricky. But I am damn sure if you follow this guide properly then you will be surely able to root your galaxy gear.

Galaxy Gear Rooting advantages & disadvantages

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If you’re going to root your gear watch then you must know that rooting has some disadvantage also. Like Rooting have lots of benefits it has some drawback as well. The main work of rooting is to enable the super user right on your device, it will now allow you to access, edit, rename, delete system files (core files). Thus by enabling super user right it allowing you to change and customize the ROM. Now you can change your device ROM, you can add a theme and do hell lots of tasks which wasn’t possible before rooting. These are all advantages, then what is its drawback ? There are only few disadvantages first of all when you Root Samsung Galaxy Gear, at the same time you voided the companies warranty. Also rooting may open some loop holes on your device.

After reading all this, if you have set your mind to Root this smart watch then lets look into what are the requirement for this guide. Yes, there are some pre required steps, which need to be completed first if you want to root Samsung Galaxy Gear successfully without facing a single error. Don’t worry we will show you how to do that.

Something you should know [Requirements]

  • You need a Galaxy Gear approved smart phone or table. Like you can use Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
  • You need to install Gear Manager from a Galaxy gear approved phone.
  • You need to Enable USB debugging on your galaxy gear.
  • You need to install proper USB driver.
  • You need a Computer running WINDOWS Operating System.

Installing Gear Manager before Rooting

This is a small pre step which will install the gear manager on your Galaxy Gear from a Galaxy Gear approve device.

1) Take a Galaxy Gear approved phone, for say Galaxy Note 3.

2) Open Settings of Galaxy Note 3 & enable the NFL (near field communication).

3) Hold the Galaxy Gear Charging Dock to the back of Galaxy Note 3 and sit tight for it to install Gear Manager.

4) Now you should get some popup instruction on your Note 3 screen, follow them until Galaxy gear shows the activation process it over.

How to Enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy Gear

Now we are going to TURN ON / Enable USB debugging on your Galaxy Gear. Without enabling this option you can’t root your gear, because your Smart watch won’t allow system file transfer without USB debugging ON.


1) Open setting on your Galaxy gear.

2) Scroll to the bottom & select Gear Info option.

3) Now tick the USB debugging check box.

4) A popup will come with two option, “OK” & “Cancel”.

5) Select OK and you’re done.

Installing USB Driver for proper Rooting

After you have enabled the USB debugging, its time to install the USB driver. Don’t skip this step or the whole process will be of no work.

1) Step toward the official Samsung Website.

2) Click on the link that say “ (25.32MB)”

3) Complete the downloading.

4) Extract the downloaded zip file.

5) Now double click the executable file (.exe) inside to install the driver.

6) Try to install the driver on your C:/ drive.

7) Restart your pc after the driver installation over.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Gear

Now we have reached the last step of rooting, this is where we will use Cydia Impactor to push some root files inside your galaxy gear.

1) Download the Cydia impactor to your computer.

2) Extract it to your desktop by right clicking on zip & select Extract here.

3) Open the extracted folder and run / double click the executable file name Impactor .exe.


4) After double click the Impactor file a small popup will appear. It should be showing # drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/su. If it does click the Start button just beside it. If it doesn’t show the above message then click the drop down list and choose the message from it then click the Start button.

5) Now you will face an error popup asking for allowing the connection. Click Always allow and then click OK from Galaxy Gear.

6) Close the error popup & click on Start again. [This time you should not get any error]

7) Now you have partly rooted your Galaxy gear by placing the SU binary file on System/xbin folder. But to root it completely you have to install the SuperSU app also which is to be done manually.

8) To install the SuperSU app, first you have to download the app. You can get it for free from Play Store, or get it from official website.

9) If you’re going to download it from official website then make sure to extract the zip & copy the Superuser .apk file out of it. [You will get it inside System/app folder in that zip]

10) Now download this Software, free trial will be fine. And then install it on your computer.

11) Open the wonder share software.

12) Select Google Play Apps from the left sidebar.

13) Now browse and select the download Superuser .apk

14) After the installation done, open installed SuperSU apk from your Galaxy Gear.

15) It might ask you to update the SU binary, select Yes.

So that’s it, you have completed the guide to Root Samsung Galaxy Gear. After rooting you may not find any difference but it is fully rooted. You can test it by installing any Rooted apps from Play store.

If you liked this guide please share it. Need any help or want to ask a question feel free to leave it in bellow comment box. Thanks for following our guide to Root Samsung Galaxy Gear.

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    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      Check the USB driver, try installing it again after removing the previous copy completely and rebooting your pc.

  1. Sebastian says

    Hi, I have rooted my gear and installed Nova launcher but I cannot find a good sms app that will let me create and send sms from my watch. I have a working keyboard on it now but cannot use it for sms! Any ideas?! Thankyou so much!

  2. Andrew says

    After pushing start for the Cydia Impactor it says ” no device found” ???
    Can anyone please help me with this????

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