Install Clockworkmod Recovery on Nexus 5 – Touch Recovery

Whether you want to Root Nexus 5 or upgrade it to latest version of Android. The most important step to take is to Install ClockworkMOD Recovery on Nexus 5. Clockworkmod is also known as CWM Recovery or Custom Recovery. There are different types of Custom Recovery available for Nexus 5 like CWM Normal, CWM Touch Recovery, TWRP recovery.

Out of the above three mentioned recoveries, Normal CWM Recovery is most popular. But that doesn’t mean you should install that only. Anyways below I have provided the link to download all those recoveries so you can try all of them and keep the one you like the most. However if you ask me which is best according to performance and simplicity then I would recommend you to go with either CWM Recovery (normal) or CWM Touch, because most of the website out there takes CWM Recovery as base while demonstrating any guides.

Before you can use this guide to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Nexus 5, you have to prepare your computer to handle ADB & Fastboot command. The official way to do this is by installing the SDK, but there is one problem if you go through official way and that is you have to download a 450MB file, which is not a perfect way. To solve this problem we have uploaded a small 4MB archive containing all the required files. Now it’s up to you. :D

Install Clockworkmod Recovery on Nexus 5

Preparing Computer for Fastboot command

1) Download this FASTBOOT archive.

2) Extract it to your desktop.

3) Open the extracted folder and double click the file named Pdanet and complete the installation. (Hope you know how to install a .exe file)

4) At the middle of installation you will be asked to connect your Phone to PC after enabling USB Debugging.

(To Enable USB debugging follow this :- Open Settings > About Phone. Scroll down to the bottom and find “Build Number”. Tap “Build Number” option continuously seven times. Now press back to come back to Setting menu, you will find ‘Developer Options’ open it and Turn ON the USB debugging option)

5) When the driver installation over, proceed below to know how to install the recovery img.

How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery on Nexus 5

1) Download any of these below recoveries.

  • CWM Normal : Download (Credit : Clockworkmod Team)
  • CWM Touch : Download (Credit : Clockworkmod Team)
  • CWM Swipe : Download (Credit : PlayfulGod xda developer)
  • TWRP : Download (Credit : TWRP Team /

2) Copy it to the extracted “FASTBOOT” folder on your desktop.

3) Right click one the downloaded recovery file, select rename – delete the previous name and rename it to recoveryfile (only recoveryfile nothing else).

nexus 5 clockworkmod recovery

4) Switch off your phone.

5) Connect it to PC.

6) Press and Hold Volume Down + Power button until you see some text on your cell screen.

7) Now go inside the FASTBOOT folder, hold Shift key on your keyboard and Right click on any white area inside the folder.


8) Choose “Open Command Window Here” option to open a CMD window inside that folder.

9) Now type this command on CMD and hit the enter key from keyboard.

  • Command :- fastboot flash recovery recoveryfile.img

So that’s it, hope I am able to make you understand how to install Clockworkmod Recovery on Nexus 5. After you complete installing CWM Recovery you may want to checkout How to Root Nexus 5 from recovery.

If you got any problem then feel free to ask it in below comment section. I will be happy to help you. Thanks for reading our guide to install CWM Recovery on Nexus 5. Please like and follow us.

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