How to root Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 on 4.2.2 & 4.1.2

Anyone here waiting for a perfect & easy Samsung galaxy grand duos rooting guide ? Then here I comes with a simple guide to root Samsung galaxy Grand Duos I9082 with cwm recovery. To follow this rooting guide you must have installed the latest Clockworkmod recovery on your device. If you don’t have it, no problem open a new tab on your browser & follow our previous guide on how to install clockworkmod recovery on Samsung galaxy grand duos & complete installing recovery, after that re-open this guide & continue following it. Lets checkout whether there is any drawback of rooting Samsung galaxy grand duos or not.

If you are going to root Samsung galaxy grand duos then probably you would know that there are some dark side of rooting also. Like rooting android phone gives you some advantages in the same it may create some problem also. First of all lets talk about the advantages of rooting, rooting will allow you to access the core files or the system file thus you will be able to theme your device, install lots of performance boosting script which may increase your device performance by 60%. Rooting is also needed if you want to play HD games, not only because after rooting you will be able to increase graphics performance but also to play HD games you need a lots on internal memory. It’s also important for upgrading android version or installing Cyanogenmod 10.2 or latest available version. So these are all the good reason to root Galaxy grand Duos.

root Samsung galaxy grand duos

So now you know that there are lots of reason to root Samsung galaxy grand duos but do you know that rooting can also damage your phone in several way, rooting will allow you access core files so definitely it will invite some malicious file & viruses. Also as you will be able to read / write system files so there’s always a danger for system bricking. After rooting you will try to load lots of apps & games without knowing whether its supports your device or not, sometime those apps comes out as faulty which may soft brick your device.

Note : Rooting Samsung galaxy grand duos will void device warranty, until you unroot it you will not be able to enjoy manufacturer warranty. So do at your own risk. You can’t held us responsible for anything bad happened to your device while following this guide, thanks for understanding. So if you are ready too root galaxy grand duos then lets checkout what are the requirement.

Requirements to root Galaxy Grand Duos I9082

1) Clockworkmod Recovery for Galaxy grand duos – You have to install the CWM Recovery to start & complete the rooting procedure safely. So follow our given link & install it first. [Skip if already installed]

2) 50% or more charge left.

Download :-

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How to root Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

1) Download the SuperSU zip from above link & copy it to your external sdcard. (not to internal)

[Note : Download the SU zip according to your firmware version. You might know Samsung recently launched a jelly bean 4.2.2 upgrade so those who upgrade there device to 4.2.2 download the First & those who are still on stock that is 4.1.2 download the second]

2) Turn of the phone, press & hold Volume UP + Power + Home button together to boot into CWM recovery mode.

[Note : In recovery mode use Volume up & down keys to scroll between options and Power button to select the desired option.]

3) The first menu which comes when you open CWM recovery mode is called main menu, there scroll to the option install zip from sdcard & press power key to select it. Then select choose zip from sdcard a popup will appear from there browse select the which you placed earlier on your sdcard & then click YES to start the flashing procedure.

4) It will take hardly few minutes to complete rooting Samsung galaxy grand duos, then you will be back to main menu.

5) Now from main menu select reboot system now. It will take few seconds to re start the Galaxy grand duos in normal mode & you will have a rooted Duos I9082 on your hand.

Congratulation you have successfully completed the guide to root Samsung galaxy grand duos. Now you can install all the HD games & play it smoothly also you can install cyanogenmod & other custom ROM’s on your Duos. To get latest update on Galaxy grand duos join us on facebook. Thanks for following this guide to root galaxy grand duos.

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  1. Prasad says

    Successful ly rooted my phone but unable to use game killer , it’s shows root privilege needed plz suggests how can I use game killer

  2. gaurav says

    Cwm is successfully odin is showing pass.but when I m trying to install supersu I m having a error of “no command” plz help me I m using galaxy grand 4.2.2

  3. akshay says

    i m having samsung galaxy grand duos,its android version is 4.2.2. when i open it in recovery mode it says no command….please help me to solve this problem

  4. Mayyank gupta says

    there’s an error while im installing the su file. it shows that the whole file signature isnt recognised in cwm mode. it also shows tha the installation is complete. but when i checked if my device is rooted completely by root checker (an app i downloaded from the play store) , it shows a negative result. please help!

  5. sandeep verma says

    those who are getting android system recovery after installing cwm. uncheck auto boot in odin and after it says pass, take out the battery for a minute and then start ur mobile by pressing power+ menu + volume. u wl get custom recovery mode.

    hop ds solve ur query.

  6. gurwinder says

    I followed your procedure very carefully for CWM ,even the message on ODIN shows “PASS”,but why cant reboot under CWM mode,even USB driver are installed.,i even installed it second time .

  7. Amir Moeen says

    Thank you for your great TO-DO
    actually I did it step by step but when I try to install .zip file from recovery mode this is what I get:
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed

    what should I do?

  8. Mayank Shah says

    Hello All,
    Both my wife and I have Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. Device info shows same Android version (4.2.2). However my phone has many more options than hers. Example 1: When I press a contact for a few seconds I get 10 options such as “share contact via message” / “print contact info” / “share name card” etc. Her phone does not have all these options, only 3 options like “edit” / “delete” / “add to group”. Example 2: When I open a picture in Gallery and press the bottom left button I get options like “slideshow”, print, and many more, but only 2 options on her phone. There are many more other differences, which I fail to understand why If both are same phone models and both having 4.2.2. Please spare some time to enlighten. Many Thanks in Advance. Regards Mayank.

  9. Michael Clemenia says

    Sir already did that couple of times and still “no command” error and android recovery only. Was it because my phone’s been upgraded to 4.2.2? Because i use the same process on my wife’s grand running on 4.1.2 and successfully rooted it. How does that happen?

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      I think you’re missing something, turned on USB debugging ?
      Anyway plz don’t use fake mail to comment

  10. prash says

    installation was successful…but when i put the phone on recovery mode…it still goes into android system recovery and not cwm! initially i get a message saying quote”no command!” help

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      You can unroot galaxy grand by removing the SU binary file & Superuser app from your phone.
      SU binary app location > System/bin (and/or) System/xbin

      • Kashif says

        i am unable to delete SU file from XBIN folder
        also super user is not uninstalling

        and when i try to install root uninstaller its showing error failed
        also signature verification failed

        please give a solution i want to use its warranty

        regargds kashif

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      You can upgrade its Android OS with to latest available firmware, also you can install Cyanogenmod ROM. Which is one of the best CUSTOM OS. Hell lot of thing you can do after rooting Galaxy Grand DUOS.

  11. Nitin says

    “failed to verify whole file signature is the error im repeatedly getting while starting my device in recovery mode i.e. vol up+home+power buttons.
    moreover I can see only following options at start:
    reboot system now
    apply update from adb
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache

    pls suggest.

      • virtussavant says

        samething happen to me. i did flash the CMW…received “PASS” message in odin.
        but when i hit the volume up+power+home button, im entering the stock recovery page.
        how do i know if the CMW flashing are succesfull?

      • 419 says

        Hi abhijit,
        there is a solution to add to the tuto. it is battery removal as soon as “pass” is received in Odin. this prevent phone to backup to stock recovery once restarting.
        then all your tuto works fine

          • 419 says

            This particular one, no, the one linked to it being a first step to be able to follow this one, yes.

            You must have forgotten but yes Odin is used on the other tutorial needed to fulfil this one.

            I am just commenting on this one based on the initial comment from one guy having an issue to follow your current tutorial.
            I had the same issue and was stuck exactly like the guy.
            So for such guys having followed your step by step process, i just enlight the little trick that allowed me to move forward.

  12. vasanth87 says

    hey!! when i try to put my grand into cwm recovery mode by pressing Volume UP + Power + Home button together , then nothing happens, it says no command, and android recovery comes…. HELP plzzzz!!

    The same problem is happen to me, Pls help me to root my device i followed all of the guidelines above posted…

  13. Rishabh says

    Hey, I have tried rooting my galaxy grand as per the instructions given by you. CWM has been flashed successfully as shown in odin3 (pass). But my phone is not going in recovery mode and showing no command!!! Please tell me what should i do

  14. Vikrant Desai says

    Hi Abhijit

    I installed CWM recovery through ODIN but when I try to enter recovery mode, it just reboots, Please HELP!!

  15. Rahil says

    when I m go to cwm recovery it says no command….what should I do…..plz help….I also follow cwm installation guide but also says no command and aslo have samsung usb driver……plz help to fix…..

  16. anmol gupta says

    hey!! when i try to put my grand into cwm recovery mode by pressing Volume UP + Power + Home button together , then nothing happens, it says no command, and android recovery comes…. :( HELP plzzzz!! :D

    • Abhijit_Guha@admin says

      FIRST you need to install / flash the Clockworkmod Recovery on your Galaxy Grand Duos.
      So please search for galaxy grand cwm recovery installation guide & complete installation first.

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